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BullBBQ Angus in Penthouse with Love Kitchens

BullBBQ Angus  in Penthouse with Love Kitchens

Michael Fisher |

Seaside Serenity: Crafting Culinary Magic and Comfort at Princes Wharf

Envision a panorama so breathtaking, it beckons for a culinary haven that's equal in grandeur.

Mike and Lynda Reynolds embarked on their journey with Love Kitchens earlier this year. Their mission: to conjure a kitchen and dining masterpiece for their newfound penthouse gem nestled in the embrace of Princes Wharf, where Rangitoto and the Hauraki Gulf form the backdrop to this idyllic location.

The brief was simple yet conceptually right up our alley – create a dining area and outdoor kitchen with a nautical theme. Drawing from our background as boatbuilders, we were excited to infuse soft curves into a kitchen that typically features sharp, modern edges. The goal was to also cleverly conceal an air conditioning unit that used to disrupt the deck's view.

At the heart of the setup is the impressive ANGUS BULL® BBQ, complete with a rotisserie back burner and quick heating capabilities. Flanking the BBQ are cabinets that serve both as storage for gas bottles and as stylish complements to the space. The countertop and splashback are crafted with Dekton Sirius, marrying elegance with durability.

The Rollaway Table is a creation that Love Kitchens has mastered over the years. This innovative table boasts a seamless curve, facilitated by modern materials. It moves gracefully on stainless steel casters and harbors eight hidden bar stools, ready to accommodate guests at a moment's notice. Notably, the base of the table doubles as a footrest, ensuring comfort and warmth on chilly evenings.

What's truly remarkable about both the kitchen and the table is their low-maintenance nature. No fading, painting, or oiling required. In the enchanting setting of Princes Wharf, Mike and Lynda Reynolds have partnered with Love Kitchens to seamlessly blend culinary artistry with the serene sea view, resulting in a space where every meal is a delight and comfort reigns supreme.